Rock your Everyday Jewellery

Rock your Everyday Jewellery

There is no doubting the fact that jewellery can enhance the look of any outfit. The beauty of jewellery is that it can be used in ways, taking a dress from casual to elegant in no time. Choosing the right jewellery from your collection can take some skill and practice. Everyday accessorising is about making subtle style statements that seem a natural part of you and is also chic. If you are struggling with where to make a beginning, then here are some tips to help.

Go simple but with a twist
If you are unsure of what to do when you want to go with minimalistic jewellery, the best is to go simple. But, ensure that the piece you choose has at least one element that is quirky and unique. An infinity pendant or bracelet charm works really well. Look at the detailing on your jewellery and make that the focus when you choose to accessorise with it.

Try on studs for size!
Earrings are always the best pieces of jewellery to turn to you when you need something to instantly give your outfit an enhanced look. Simple studs do the trick. Go in for pieces of silver, gold or platinum with a single stone or an intricate design that doesn’t look overwhelming when viewed from a distance, or especially up close.

Rings and Bangles
When dressing up your hands, always go in for a combination of bracelets and rings. Don’t overdo it with a ring on every finger, instead go in for one or two on each hand. Stacked rings work very well in such cases as you can have one statement piece on a finger or split them across both hands. Invest in similar rings in different sizes, giving you the flexibility to mix and match while accessorising.

Opt for Matching Jewellery
Never hesitate to match your jewellery. You could go in for pearls around your neck and ears, or neck and hands. A finger ring and your earrings can match. A bracelet can have the same charm as the pendant of your necklace. There are so many permutations and combinations for you to choose from. Creativity in uniformity will go a long way, too.

Set a Tone
You may not realise it, but your jewellery actually sets the theme and tone of your look. Chic and diamonds go hand in hand. Elegance and diamonds say it all. Gold is more versatile and can create looks from classic to sophisticated to smart casual. Think tone and then think jewellery. You will be surprised at the combinations you will come up with.


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