Rock On, Men of All Ages

Rock On, Men of All Ages

Accessories help to bring out or flaunt your unique persona to the world. It is also an aid to take you one notch up from a casual “cool guy” to a more than cursory “Wow! Cool guy”. And we’ve all seen how the young guns rock it with rings, bracelets, chains, caps, et al. Here’s a look at how you can up that oomph this Christmas season and get yourself more than just an appreciative second glance even if you’re not a youngster anymore.

Bracelets: You might have salt and pepper hair or even white hair. But don’t give up on bracelets just yet. It’s the number one ‘most trending’ accessory for men. Unlike the metal bracelets that the youngsters flaunt, there are plenty of staid leather and wooden bead bracelets that can enhance the look of any older man. What’s more, all these can probably be used along with office wear too. Depending on the strap size and number of layers, you can even pair up a couple or more bracelets to create a classy set. 

There are also metal bracelets with deeper darker tints that you can flaunt in style. Browse online to see your best options. Warning: Do it on a holiday or you will never get any work done! 

If you’re just not the bracelet type, you should go for watches. They have been man’s best friends for eons, but just make sure the watch lies well on your hand—not too tight and definitely not too loose. 

Hats: Not everyone can rock a hat. Hats are more of a statement piece than regular accessory. But if you are game to wearing one, there’s no stopping your oomph, we warn ya. The top rule about wearing hats is to make sure it lies well on your head. It should lie snugly just above your ear and not fall floppily on your head or be too tight. A hat can be worn with formal wear and even casual wear. But remember, while you can get away with wearing a cap or a hoodie even indoors or while at a desk, you might have to take your hat off when indoors. But hey! If it’s not an obstruction, just keep it on.

Pocket Squares: Pocket squares have always been just a piece of cloth to enhance your suit. Or have they? Well, whatever that may be, they’ve always managed to up the style quotient of the suit and the wearer. It adds a much needed colour and a break from the monotony or staidness of a suit. However, what we would love to see is for a gentleman to start the trend of accessorizing regular shirts and formal shirts with the pocket square. Are you the one to set the trend?

Stoles and Scarves: These are no longer just a woman’s item. The men have laid claim over it and owned it too. And thankfully, it’s not just a youngster who can carry off a scarf or stole. Anybody can. And why not? These are the best accessories that you can play with to either add life to your clothes with a dash of colour or to sober up loud attire. Just be mindful of the weather or you’ll end up having to learn how to sweat it out in style too. 



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