Red, Green & Gold Magic

Red, Green & Gold Magic


Red and Green are colours we always associate with Christmas. Add gold and it becomes a fantastic combination. Be it a traditional style or a cool new look, this “Christmas combination” will never be out of fashion. Traditional gold jewellery with embedded red and green stones, handmade coloured jewellery—whatever combination you prefer, it is out there for you to choose from. Read on to know how to get the red, green and gold combination bang on, every time!

  • Heavy gold jewellery with red, green stones: Beautiful traditional gold jewellery with embedded red rubies and green emeralds, are a must-have for all. The popular mango design with its exquisite red and green stones is a treasured piece for all women, especially the Malayalees. Traditional designs like the gold leaf cut and temple kempu jewellery highlight the beauty of red and green stones, set in a golden background. It’s also the chosen colour code for most Indian brides. Nowadays, pearl too has found place in this combination, lending a classy touch to the red, green and golden beauties.
  • Handmade jewellery: With Christmas around the corner, what better time to let your creative side take over? You can make your own Christmas necklaces, earrings and bracelets by bringing together red, green and golden beads in designs of your choice. Gift these handmade beauties as Christmas gifts to your little cousins, and they are sure to give you a special hug. Or wear the handmade red, green and gold jewellery to make your Christmas day even more special.
  • Coloured jewellery: Not just traditional jewellery, the red, green and gold combo works wonders with coloured jewellery as well. Polki, chandbali, kundan are good examples. Step out in style for any function/gathering adorning exquisite red, green and gold earrings, necklaces and arm pieces.
  • Mix and match: Another fun way of bringing together this Christmasy combination is by combining lovely gold jewellery with red/green outfits. The contrasting colours will work wonders and give a charming style to your look. One small tip—opt for a simple red/green outfit as a flashy dress will not complement heavy gold jewellery.

This festive season, Jos Alukkas has on offer exclusive designs that will inspire you to create winning looks and feel beautiful. Do drop by to purchase your red, green and gold magic as soon as possible!


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