Precious trivia…!

Precious trivia…!


So you love your precious jewellery and enjoy the glint of the metals. You know your platinum from your white gold, your sapphires from your rubies and the exact cut and set of your diamonds. Right? Then we have something extra for you – interesting trivia that is going to make your priced possessions a tad more exciting and all the more precious. For starters, do you know about the most expensive nail polish in the world that contains diamonds? Or that platinum can be found on the moon? Read on for more such titbits.

Platinum: This beautiful, gleaming metal is one of the rarest on earth. No wonder it is nearly twice the price of gold. It is remarkably resistant to corrosion and very little metal is lost in wear and tear. And that should tell you why it is highly valued for wedding rings. About 80 per cent of all mined platinum comes from Africa. If you want more of it, you will have to look on the moon! Or on meteorites.

Gold: A metal so versatile and so loved. It is so pliable that it can be stretched out to the thickness of a thread. It has been used to create not just jewellery, but for the true gold lover who can afford it, there have been made shirts, grills, reading glasses, chairs, shoes and even gold dusted cupcakes. As of 2014, India is the largest consumer of gold jewellery in the world, closely followed by China.

Silver: A humble cousin of the other precious metals, silver has seen far more uses than sitting pretty. From window coating (it is the most reflective element) and as catalyst in chemical reactions to being an element in solar panels and water filtration, silver plays many roles. History pegs the first extraction and use of silver to as far back as 4,000 BC.

Diamonds: Those sparkling, clear beauties that twinkle in the light. They arenot always white though. Diamonds are naturally found in shades of yellow, red, blue, purple, pink, black, grey and green. But the rarest and most coveted? That title goes to the colour that has been dubbed ‘fancy red’. Now if you really fancy your diamonds, how about a nail polish that has diamond in it? A couple of years ago, the jeweller Azature launched a limited edition black nail polish with 267 carats of black diamond in it. The cost? A mere $250,000.

Ruby: The luscious red hue of rubies come from traces of chromium and the fuller the colour, the more precious it is. The ruby in your jewellery though would have been treated to improve its colour and strength. The Sunrise Ruby is by far the most expensive ruby, having been auctioned for $ 30 million.

Emerald: This green gemstone was apparently one of Cleopatra’s favourite stones. They come in hues ranging from yellow-green to blue-green. The first known emeralds came from Egypt and they were mined way back around 1500 BC. Colombia is the largest producer of emeralds with over half of the supply coming from there.

Sapphire: While sapphire is mostly associated with blue, it also comes in green, yellow, orange, purple and pink. If that was not enough, there is a variety known as the colour-change sapphire, which changes colour in different lighting. One of the most valuable varieties of this gem is the cornflower blue Kashmir sapphire.

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