Playing with Platinum

Playing with Platinum

Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the world and has amazing resistance to corrosion, can withstand high amounts of heat and his highly non-reactive. Traces of platinum have been found in ancient Egyptian civilization remains dating back to 1200BC. It has been gaining popularity since then, and is a metal that is now used in wedding bands, earrings and other jewellery. It is also known as ‘white gold’. In fact, in the 1780s King Louis XVI of France heralded platinum as being the only metal fit for kings. So it truly is ‘the royal metal’.
If you made an investment in platinum jewellery you will notice that it does not tarnish like other metals but it does get scratched and sometimes damaged over time. Here are a few tips to care and maintain your platinum jewellery. 

To clean your platinum, use a mild jewellery cleaning solution (used to clean gold as well) and scrub gently with a toothbrush. You could also use a mild soap. Use warm water while cleaning and make sure you use a clean cloth to dry your jewellery. If there are any stones attached to it, for example a gem stone on a platinum ring or a diamond pendant, then be careful while cleaning and do not soak or scrub too hard as it may damage the stone. 

Handling your daily wear jewellery must be done with care so as to not damage or scratch it. Especially with wedding rings, one must be careful not to expose it to too much heavy labour. Try to avoid wearing it while gardening and washing vessels, etc. 

Platinum has always been considered a precious metal associated with style and nothing says long lasting love like platinum wedding rings. The Jos Alukkas store has a variety of platinum band designs that one can choose from. If you’re looking for some necklaces or earrings to match with your dresses or daily wear then platinum studs/pendants are definitely worth a look! They may look simple but they have a certain elegance to it and is a nice change from the usual gold jewellery that we tend to buy. Most of the necklaces and earrings are studded with diamonds to give that extra bit of shine. These exclusive pieces of platinum will suit almost every outfit you match it with!



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