Platinum – redefining elegance

Platinum – redefining elegance

Wedding bands in Platinum are probably the most sought after Platinum couple jewellery. It stands out because of its superior durability and stunning white appearance, and is elegant.

Platinum is a great gifting option. Its lustrous silvery appearance is calming and elegant too. Choose a design and piece that they would love to receive and wear. It is unique because it isn’t as flashy as gold, nor too showy. Just the right mix of elegance and charm.

Our range of Platinum wear is exquisite: designs that are floral, geometric and contemporary. Choose something that is close to your heart; something that reflects your style and personality. Rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, chains—we have attractive designs in all. Since it’s rarer, Platinum is more expensive than the varieties of gold, but we customise our designs to suit your budget and requirement.

Cluster necklaces as well as simple, single chains look good in this metal. Pair it with the right outfit and accessories and you have a classy look. Infinity rings and double hearts pendant are other interesting options.

Teardrop earrings are perfect for most occasions. Gift it to a loved one or you could take them along shopping for it. Let them choose something that complements their style and love for Platinum. Bar drop earrings and ball beads are great for those who are tall and trim. And it goes well with traditional and western wear.

Diamond and platinum have a great combination. Diamond gets a special charm when set in platinum. Platinum makes the stones appear more sparkly and vibrant. Since it has minimum alloys, it lasts longer and doesn’t lose its strength over time. Take a break from gold, try platinum, and feel the elegance.


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