Pinning it right!

Pinning it right!

Everyone loves accessories. But not everyone can accessorise rightly. You need to have an eye for things and a knack to wear them, fittingly. A woman’s smile is the best accessory for any occasion. A person who can carry off an energetic smile will definitely win hearts. Well, the next best option to a smile is jewellery, when it comes to accessorising.

It’s not enough if you pile yourself up with jewellery. You need to wear them according to the costume, occasion and context. And, moreover, according to your own style! It’s imperative to derive a style of your own so that no matter what trend is in now, you’ll reign on top.

Of course, being aware of one’s face shape and neck is important. Depending on whether your face is oval, round, or that you have a pronounced jawline, or how long or short your hair is, how wavy or curly it is…all are factors when you choose the right accessories. It should enhance your looks, not just complement your clothes and shoes.

When it comes to neckpieces, bold necklaces should be paired with bold patterns, bright single colours and low-neck outfits. Thin necklaces and small pendants go well for those with narrow necks, accentuating them. You can even mix multiple necklaces and layer them for effect. Check out the slinky gold chains from the latest Jos Alukkas’ range.

Based on the occasion, choose wisely. What you wear for a church wedding may not be the perfect pick for a simple reception or a late-night party. Another significant factor is whether the function you’re attending has a theme. If not, choose according to your own wishes.

How can we forget the bride? Well, from white gowns and diamond pairings to red saris and vermillion stones, be wise about how you accessorise. Your entire trousseau speaks for itself. Jos Alukkas has a trendy collection of bridal designs that you can choose from to wear on your special day.

When you go for work or to meet clients, it’s best to stay subtle. Let your work speak for your personality and efficiency! Avoid jewellery that may distract focus from the work; pick subtle and elegant jewellery combinations. Don’t overdo the accessories or all your efforts will fall flat.

Face your day with style and confidence, and a touch of sparkle and smile!



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