Pendants, and How They Matter!

Whether they are gemstones, coins, lockets, beads or plain gold, each has its own purpose and meaning. Your outfit maybe a dress, tee and denim, skirt and top, or a sari, whatever it is, Jos Alukkas has a range of designer pendants in gold, diamond and platinum. From floral themes to geometric designs and layered patterns, there is an extensive collection to choose from.

Depending on whether you wear it to work, a party or a wedding, choose how subtle or loud you want them to be. Also decide how to pair it with your shoes, bags and other accessories. If you’re wearing white, yellow or rose gold, look at your pendant options wisely. Make sure you try them on at the store and check in good lighting.

Gemstones, it can be birthstones or others, and each person has a different reason for wearing them. Shapes can be of teardrop cut, round cut and others. You can’t dress up the same way for different types of cut, and not all accessories blend well enough. So take care to visualise your look before you step out.

Day or night, what time you are dressing up for makes a huge distinction—what you wear to work can’t be worn for a reception in the late evening. Select the pendants—big or small, colourful or single colours, flat or embellished—depending on the occasion.

If you are wearing a long chain or a choker, the pendants that go with it won’t be the same. You can have letter pendants, geometrical designs or wired ones. Chokers go well with stone pendants. For those who can pull it off, layered chains with small pendants is a good option.

Sparkly pendants can be teamed with jeans and leggings as well as skirts. Try to match the colour of your necklace to one of the colours in your outfit or footwear. If you’re in all black, wear a large statement necklace.

For those who adore diamond pendants, be assured they do well with any type of clothes. Just be wary of size and colour. Balance it with the colours in your costume. White and single colours can be paired with large diamond pendants on slim chains. You can also get the modern minimalist look with thin necklaces and simple pendants. Flaunt those pendants, make a style statement!





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