Pearl ardour

Pearl ardour


Think timeless jewellery and the pearl immediately emerges as a top contender. Over the years, there have been thousands of interpretations of this precious jewel. As far as popularity goes, the pearl continues to rule the roost today, though styling has witnessed a sea change, going from simple strings to unique designs.

Christian Dior’s Miseen Dior perhaps sparked off this trend and is among the most replicated of designs right now. Miseen Dioris a tribal-inspired piece of ear jewellery.It has a small pearl resting on the ear and a larger one peeping out subtly from behind the ear lobe.

For the 150th anniversary of the jewellers Chopard, the brand introduced an animal-theme premium collection. The Ram Necklace or the Chopard Happy Spirit – aram’s head ensconced in small pearls in a uniquely creative way – was perhaps the show-stopper of the collection.

If you happen to step into the store of FaraoneMennella’s London store in Chelsea, you will find the Aspasia, the first couture pearl piece of its kind. It is made up of a variety of pearls – from natural green and gold, to Tahitian pearls. At the centre of the piece is 150 carat beryl stone, which also serves as the clasp.

The South Seas Glow by Adam Neeley from Laguna Beach is another beautiful creation that uses just three pearls from the South Sea, and transitions them from Elektra gold to 24ct gold to white gold seamlessly, in the form of a pendant.

Pearls are also being woven into clothing these days, as Alexander Wang, the designer has done with his autumn collection. Velvet suits are given a complete makeover with these little beauties. Roberto Cavalli has denim belts and tops that are fitted with pearls. Nicholas Kirkwood has designed a satin pump that is supported by a pearl platform base. All pearl bodices, crocheted gloves with pearls, deep back lines embellished with rows of pearls, are just some of the ways in which the pearl is getting a new look.

Contemporary takes on it are seeing pearls paired with numerous other semi-precious and precious stones in a range of interesting settings. Amethyst, apatite, quartz, opal, sunstone, topaz and zircon are just some of the stones which are being partnered with pearl. Akoya pearls, black and even pink pearls are making an increased appearance.

If you thought that pearls were only for your grandmother and best regarded as an heirloom, you definitely need to check out all the latest that is being done with it.


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