Pants to suit your style!

Pants to suit your style!


Ladies, don’t simply go click-happy over all those online dress sales that are happening across shopping sites. If you haven’t noticed it yet, the trend has changed—from feminine to androgynous. Celebrities in Hollywood and Bollywood galore are all being spotted in pant suits. Be it stripes, pin stripes, leather inspired, solid matching colours or contrasts, floral, checkered, they’re all out there this season. Why, the pant suits are even walking down the aisle—bridal pant suits for brides who aren’t gung ho about traditional gowns, if you please!

So while the pant suit seems to have come a long way from the WWI (yes that’s about how old the style is) the styles have changed according to women’s needs. From industrial work wear, they moved on to chic corporate wear, and then to ramp wear. Goes to show how we should support the style wholeheartedly won’t you say?

Now it’s easy to get inspiration from celebrities and style your pant suit for a party. Tank tops underneath the suits; bright printed or floral shirts paired with the pant suit; cropped pants and suits; or even printed/ embroidered contrast suits should get the party message across loud and clear. Or you can use jewellery to spell out party—pair your apparel with chandelier earrings and matching chunky bracelets to give you the oomph you need to go from androgynous to hot; a dozen or so thin bangles and an anklet are sure to let on that you have a peppy side to you as well.

But what would you do to pep up your office wear? Surely the corporate world would still have you wear the sedate styles in pant suits…. But fear not ladies, we have a few tricks up our sleeve—Jewellery! A thin gold or platinum chain around your neckline is subtle yet definite to catch attention. A bracelet, whether chunky or understated, is yet another way to make you feel good about yourself as well as give you that little extra when it comes to setting yourself stylishly apart. Another piece of jewellery that can elevate your style is a cocktail ring. Whether it’s one that matches your attire or a contrasting one, a cocktail ring is all about panache.

To give the final touch, make sure you complete the look with the right kinda shoe. And the right pick is one that has a good pair of heels.


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