Online shopping: We make it simple And secure

Online shopping: We make it simple & secure


From apparels and accessories to soaps and deos; from mobiles, TVs and cameras to vegetables, fruits and flowers; furniture, crockery, books, music, travel tickets…and even gold and diamonds, there’s a huge market that’s opened up and is doing amazing business—online shopping.

Online market is not a new concept; it’s been around since the 1980s. Amazon and ebay are probably the multi-million dollar international masters of this trend. But it hit the high in India only recently. And the tech savvy populace has lapped it up and has converted in masses to online shoppers. Who wouldn’t, if they had the chance to shop for all and sundry from their homes?

Many of us have been there, done that—visited an online shopping site, liked a product, paid for it online and bought it. Mostly, the product is delivered to our doorstep without any hassles too. But haven’t you, at times, stopped and wondered about the payment method and the risk involved? The easiest risk-free solution is probably COD or cash on delivery. You pay up only after you get the product in hand. But it’s not always available on all products. So you go for the other option, which is charging it to your credit card or making an online payment. These are invariably fail-safe and reliable. In the unlikely event that it fails, the customer care departments of most online shopping companies will ensure that your problems are attended to and dealt with expeditiously. If you visit, say the Facebook page of, any of these online shopping sites, you can assess for yourself just how efficient it is; how effectively complaints are addressed and acted upon etc.

Take our own website. When shopping with the customer is assured of getting the best quality product at the best price. And since the product is a handle-with-care, valuable item all care is taken to ensure that only trustworthy courier companies are hired to ship it. The product is shipped in durable, tamper-proof packing and what’s more? It is fully insured. Another factor is that you can track the shipment till it reaches your doorstep using the docket number provided with the order confirmation email.

Credit and debit card payments at also follow highly secure policies. The SSL encryption technology ensures that your information is protected. The website’s privacy policy assures that any information collected from the customer will only be kept for as long as it is necessary to deliver the product. Now not only is this clause binding for Jos Alukkas alone, but also for any third party companies that deal with Jos Alukkas for purposes of payment or shipping etc.

With all this safety and security in place and also many an endearing pieces of jewellery of all styles and ranges to choose from, would you want to go elsewhere for jewellery shopping?


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