Online is Where the Sparkle is!

Gold bridal jewellery, gold accessories, platinum bands, you name and we’ve got it! The Jos
Alukkas online store has a range of beautiful, designer and casual jewellery and it also offers a
variety of schemes and offers for purchasing jewellery from the website.

Looking to buy a gift for a friend or a loved one? Nothing is more special than gifting a piece of
jewellery. If you aren’t sure what jewellery to pick because you are not sure of their style
preference, then gold coins make great gifts. If you want to simply let your special ones choose
the jewellery that they prefer then Jos Alukkas offers gift cards that one can either use to buy
jewellery on the website or at any of the Jos Alukkas stores. You can also choose to gift wrap
the jewellery box if you want to give it a special touch!

The website also offers an Easy buy plan which allows customers to buy gold jewellery from Jos
Alukkas in a planned, affordable manner. One can join by signing up and pay an initial
installment through either net banking or credit/debit card. It gives you the freedom to plan
jewellery purchases and allows you to save money every month. Sounds great right? It is not
only value for money but also very convenient as it is all available online.

If you are looking for a particular ring design or a necklace that you really like but can’t seem to
find anywhere, then go ahead and browse through the many options that are available on the
website. Once you find something you like, and you want it immediately, you can always go to
your nearest Jos Alukkas store, show them the design and get it. The website also offers many
discounts on gold jewellery and diamond collections which make shopping online so much more

So next time you’re looking to buy a special gift or shop for jewellery online then the Jos Alukkas
online store is where you will find the best of the deals!


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