Of Prints – Animal, Floral and some Great Jewellery

Of Prints – Animal, Floral and some Great Jewellery

Prints on clothes are quite simply the best thing ever. They are a fashion trend that get resurrected in various ways every season with a particular print gaining prominence each time. This year, animal and floral prints share space. You see them just about everywhere in the fashion world right and quite literally, no print from these two options is off the table!

What works really well is that creators of jewellery are also working to keep up with this trend. After all, what is a good outfit if it is not paired with some great jewellery! Jos Alukkas has a line of floral and trendy jewellery that will add that gorgeous finishing touch to your outfit. Here are some interesting combinations for you to try out.

Team a bright floral top with a pair of black or blue denims. Throw on a denim jacket of either black or blue, depending on the pants you are wearing. Add on a delicate necklace with a floral gold pendant and single stone. This will give the outfit that hint of glamour to complete your look.

Another more formal combination would be a plain striped top paired with a cheetah print wraparound skirt which is quite the rage right now. Pair this with some statement earrings that are large, and with a more contemporary linear design. You will be the talk of the evening.

A floral and paisley combination may seem unlikely, but it can work in some amazing ways if you know just how to pair it. A paisley top with a deep red jacket, or one in royal blue can make for an excellent combination. Perk that up with a platinum necklace in a delicate floral pattern and you are set to go.

The good thing about prints is that you can always mix them up as well—and so a floral and an animal print can make good partners, if you pair them well. Here are some tips to help:

  • When you are starting off, don’t combine more than two prints in a single outfit. Instead, work on the jewellery aspect and bring in a floral element there.
  • One solid colour piece of clothing is what will allow your print to stand tall. This can be with your choice of jewellery as well. Opt for solid gold or platinum instead of something with stones.
  • Have one common colour thread running through your clothes so that you have a way to tie them all together.

Prints of any kind and the latest trendy jewellery that Jos Alukkas has to offer can result in some gorgeous combinations that you will love. Get matching and pairing today!


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