Monsoon Weddings

Rains spell romance. Yet, for most couples, rains mean waiting it out to get married at a convenient (and
sunny) day. Here are some tips that can help you plan and execute a beautiful and romantic monsoon

The first thing is to book an indoor venue. If it comes with glass doors and windows that can let in a
panoramic yet dry view of the pouring rain and cloudy skies, the better. Ensure there is a good awning at
the entrance which guests and the bridal couple can use to get inside without getting wet. Arrange for
valets and you can be sure to double the blessings you receive from your guests.

When it comes to your bridal outfit, brides and grooms should make sure to go for light fabrics and
bright colours. Avoid silks and brocades and heavy suit materials. Heels and stilettos too are not
advisable in this weather. Wedges, mojris and the like can give you a classy look as well as keep you safe
from an unwanted slip. Whether you’re wearing a dress or a lehenga or a sari, make sure they are a tad
off the floor. Trails and long hemlines are sure to get dirty in this weather.

Makeup. Waterproof makeup is your best bet for a monsoon wedding. Cream-based and water-based
makeup are more suitable for winters and summers.

Jewellery now, is something you can go all out on for a monsoon wedding. Pep up your look with some
heavy traditional jewellery—jhumkas, chokers, ranimalas, all add the necessary glimmer and shine to
the otherwise cloudy atmosphere. We must say, kundan jewellery or a diamond set will be a real
stunner for a monsoon wedding.

If you haven’t noticed already, selfie spots and photo booths at weddings are passé. Why not organize a
rain dance as your pre-wedding event or post-wedding do, especially if you have a lot of young guests,
or even guests who are young at heart?

Food, is of course, the most important part of any wedding. You can have a number of rain-special
piping hot starters and mains, especially if you opt for live food stations. Have soups on your menu to
keep the guests warm and happy at your wedding. Well, we seem to have covered most ground. Now
enjoy a beautiful monsoon wedding.


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