Mix your metals


“Can I wear yellow gold with white gold or platinum?” It’s a question almost every modern woman has asked.  Is it okay to mix your metals? Or do you think the fashion police will book you for the faux pas? Well, now you can wave the victory flag at detractors because even trendsetters are all for mixing metals!

For those of you who still think yellow and white don’t mix, we say it’s time to change that thought! Mixing metals is, in fact, the brand new trend that’s being accepted world over. Visit a jewellery store and you will see sections dedicated to two-tone jewellery. This shows how even traditional jewellery houses are breaking the clear-cut barriers in jewellery designs, and creating modern pieces of jewellery for the urbane woman. Two-tone jewellery is loved for its versatility. It looks great on everybody and with everything, which makes it one of the easiest jewellery to create an ensemble with.

But wearing two-tone jewellery has its rights and wrongs too; just like any other trend.

Here’s how

It’s time to stop following the “matching-matching” trend, and go bold with two-tone. To do this, you should first decide the ratio of yellow to white. Ideally, instead of doing a 50/50 ratio of two metals, do about 80/20. Focus on one colour, and keep the second colour minimal; just the way you would work with contrasting two colours in clothes.

Stacking is another great way of mixing metals, and also the easiest. Stack together rings or necklaces of different metals; just keep the style similar. For instance, don’t mix delicate jewellery with chunky, mod ones.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. Mixing metals is incredibly chic; however, let your personal taste stay above what’s popular. Try different ways of donning yellow and white together, and go with what you are the most comfortable in.

Still in doubt? Buy two-toned jewellery such as pendants, studs or rings. A little bit of white and yellow gold on a single piece of jewellery can be an easy first step towards experimenting with the look.


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