Mix-n-match for unique combinations

Mix-n-match for unique combinations

unique combinations

Jewellery and clothes are complementary; changes in one always impact the other. When dressing up for an event, one always tries to pair the outfit with the right accessories. Mostly, jewellery with the same colours as the outfit make for an instant hit. Some people mix and match to come up with interesting or quirky combinations.

A soon-to-be-bride is sure to closely follow latest jewellery and fashion trends. For her upcoming special day, she wants everything to be perfect and thus is always on the lookout for unique combinations of jewellery and outfits. Take a look at recent weddings and you will see that today’s brides are not following the conventional route as far as the wedding ensemble is concerned.

One example is the all-gold theme—gold jewellery is matched with a golden saree to give the bride a golden glow. This is in contrast to the conventional South Indian wedding trend of brides choosing red, pink or magenta sarees worn with traditional gold jewellery.

Another trend, seen not just at weddings, is for outfits to be designed after jewellery patterns. If you have a piece of jewellery with a peacock-motif or a religious idol, you could pair it with a saree with similar motifs. The result will be an attractive harmony of jewellery and outfit. Floral jewellery can also be matched similarly. Coordinate clothes with floral designs—say on the blouse, saree border or dresses—with floral earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

In addition to the standard earrings, necklaces and bangles, one can make use of other accessories to make the bridal look or any outfit with heavy embroidery stand out. These include the waist-belt, armlet, anklets, maang tikka and the nath or nose ring. A mix and match of any of these jewellery items with a beautiful saree or a lehenga is all you need to dazzle at any function.

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