Mix and match: the key to styling

Mix and match: the key to styling


Jewellery complements an outfit and accentuates the wearer’s beauty. The metal in vogue might change, like how the traditional favourite gold has made space for precious platinum, but the love for good jewelleryis bound to stay forever. In fact, the range is only increasing. So jewellery boxes now hold gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires, as well as semiprecious stones like garnets, opals, topaz and lapis lazuli. And the styles range from antique and vintage to cutting edge designs and everything in between!

Having a great range of jewellery in your collection is one thing; matching them right is a completely different story. Uniquely crafted jewellery will make you stand out, but a wrong choice of different pieces may lead to an overdose of bling.One should be careful not to look like a display of baubles but put together different pieces of jewelleryto paint a picture of effortless elegance along with individual style.

Jewellery should be chosen according to the occasion and the outfit. If there is a heavy piece that you would like to flaunt, make sure it takes centrestage. The other ornaments must be simple so that the opulent piece is highlighted. If you are wearing, say, a brilliant neckpiece with precious stones, think of wearing a colour-blocked outfit that contrasts with the stones. Complete the look with simple, under-stated earrings so that the attention stays on the neckpiece.

Traditional outfits effortlessly complement heavy ornate designs but a pitfall to be avoided is going for more than one chunky piece. When stunning dangler earrings adorn the ears, do away with elaborate neckpieces. Similarly if the bangle or kamarbandh is going to be in the limelight, other accessories should be toned down.

Nose rings and headpieces are in vogue now and are hot favourites among brides. They have been a huge hit on the red carpet too. The traditional nath(nose rings used by Indian women) and maangtikka(aheadpiece that is wornby Indian brides) have been reinvented. The much-in-vogue oversized silver nosepins are a great accessory to jazz up most outfits. Match it with a similar silver neckpiece or earrings, though sporting both at the same time would be overkill.

Be it diamond set in platinum or garnet in silver, let your star piece of jewellery soak in the limelight!


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