Making bold statements with large pendants

Making bold statements with large pendants

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How many times have your thrown on an outfit at the last minute, felt you looked incomplete and wore the first pendant necklace you could lay your hands on? Makes a world of difference to the final look, don’t you agree? Of course there are scores of necklaces that are available, the current rage being statement necklaces. But who says, a nice heavy pendant does not have the makings of being a great fashion accessory?

Here are some ideas on how you can choose to play it bold with pendants, whether in gold, diamonds or platinum.

The great thing about pendant necklaces is that they may be worn with just about any neckline. So they look great when worn over a simple T-shirt with a round neck. All you need to head out for the evening is a smart button down jacket and a pair of pumps.

If you have several pendant necklaces that you would like to play with, then you could consider layering them, going from smallest and most delicate on the outside to a single heavy pendant as the center of attraction. You will be amazed at how this will elevate a simple V-necked top.

Always try to pair a solid pendant, especially one encrusted with stones, with a solid color top. This is when they will really stand out. A gold pendant against a red top or a platinum one against a black top will make you look gorgeously elegant.

If you really want to make a statement with your choice in pendants, you can choose a heavy set pendant and pair it with a bold patterned top. An intricately designed gold pendant against a tiger print top is a great choice. Let your imagination run wild in terms of pairings. You never know when you have a winner on your hands.

Another way of creating an interesting pairing with a bold pendant is to match the precious stones in it with a colour from your outfit of choice. Go monochrome with your dress choice and highlight this single color with a large pendant that can instantly elevate the dress to a whole new level. You go from drab to party mode instantly.

Two tips on choosing pendants, especially based on your body type are:

  • If you have a heavy bust, choose a pendant that has a shorter chain and stops just at the top of your bust. The same principle for those of you who are petite. Longer chain pendants have a tendency of making you look shorter.
  • If you are tall and on the heavier side, you may want to choose a longer necklace for your pendant. The resultant V when you wear it, has a slimming effect on your body.

A large pendant necklace can instantly dress a simple outfit and soup up an old and drab looking one. All you need is a pretty pendant to begin with!


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