Making A Glittering Statement

Making A Glittering Statement

Nowadays customers are spoilt for choice when they decide to purchase jewellery. They can either go for a combination of jewellerydesigns or adorn a single statement jewellery piece, as this is a very populartrend in the jewellery industry. Statement jewellery is slowing replacing the fad of decking oneself from head to toe in jewellery. A single or maybe two bold, extravagant items are all it takes to turn heads at any function or social gathering.

So what is statement jewellery and why is it so popular? Any jewellery, be it gold, diamond or platinum, can workas statement jewellery. Statement jewellery is a single, bold, royal piece of jewellery that accentuates your overall look and lends a unique style statement.

It could be a traditional choker necklace, large-sized pendants, swinging chunky jhumkas- all of these jewellery are designed to make a powerful fashion statement.

More and more people, interestingly young brides, are ditching the traditional bedecked look and opting for statement jewellery. The bride of today believes that is “less is more” so her wedding look will contain heavy dangling earrings, one gorgeous heavy work necklace and a set of designerbangles.

Focusing on this trend, Jos Alukkas showroomshave debuted their statement jewellery collection. Beautiful pieces in gold, diamond and platinum, which are regal, classy and uniqueare on displayat all Jos Alukkas showrooms across the country. Statement jewellery draws inspiration from all things around us- nature, culture, films, history and so on.

So next time you pay a visit to your nearest jewellery showroom do remember to check out statement jewellery pieces that make an impact wherever and whenever you wear them.


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