Make this Valentine’s Day Special

Make this Valentine’s Day Special

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and cherubs with harps make imaginary flights around couples. Love is reiterated, love is professed and your love will love to be on the receiving end of a fabulous gift.

It is a challenge each year to come up with something romantic that outdoes what you may have done earlier. A room full of flowers, customized cakes and chocolates, date night, movie night or simply spending time with your loved one. The beautiful thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is not only about your love for a partner, but a day you can reiterate your love to your parents, siblings, friends and just about anyone who means something to you.

So how do you make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one? Simple, choose a gift that you know they will appreciate and add to it a piece of jewellery. Nothing like enhancing the joy of a gift than by adding in a shining trinket.

Think about it. Your partner would love receiving a solitaire diamond, as a necklace or a finger ring. Make it even more romantic by investing a set of earrings, bangle or bracelet as well as a necklace and gifting it to her across important milestones in the year beginning on Valentine’s Day. A range of unique gold and platinum options are also available for you to consider. Think out of the box—a pair of anklets, a nose ring and other such pieces of jewellery make great options to consider.

If you are planning to gift your mother with something special, how about secretly going through her jewellery. Over the years, parts of jewellery sets she owns may have elements missing. Why not complete the set for her? You could also choose to trade in some of her not commonly used jewellery to invest in a new set for her. Buy her a pair of bangles and give her one, while you wear the other. Nothing says I love you more that sharing a piece of jewellery.

The men’s jewellery section have numerous options for you to consider—from cufflinks to finger rings, bracelets and chains, there is a wide range to suit all ages from young to mature. Make a choice for the men in your life to show them you treasure them… they will love you all the more for it.

This Valentine’s Day make things special, elevate that simple gift with something that will have your loved one gasp in surprise. So come on over, a vast collection awaits you.




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