Luck glitters on Akshaya Tritiya

Luck glitters on Akshaya Tritiya


Now that we are in April, why not take a look at the important festivals being celebrated this month. Any mention of April, the first festive occasion, which comes to mind is AkshayaTritiya or AkhaTeej, as it is known in some parts of the country. Considered one among the four most important days in the Hindu calendar, AkshayaTritiya is also the birthdate of Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation, Parasuraman. Some people also believe that it is on this auspicious day that work began on the Mahabharata.
AkshayaTritiya is celebrated on the third day of the second half of Vaishakh month (during April-May) when both the Sun and Moon are at their brightest. Interestingly, this phenomenon is said to happen only once a year. Another point to note is that while some days may be “missing” from the Hindu and Jain calendars, AkshayaTritiya is one day, which is omnipresent.
If one looks up a Sanskrit dictionary, the word “Akshaya” means imperishable, eternal or never diminishing. Common belief is that this day is very auspicious to start new businesses/ventures or enter a new phase in life like marriage. (Celebrity couple AbhishekBachchan and AishwaryaRai entered wedlock on this auspicious day in 2007). People are also known to embark on long journeys on this date as it is considered propitious for travel. Legend also has it that any donation or good deed done on this auspicious day is good karma as it will bring about a positive impact on the person’s life. People born on this day are considered extremely lucky and believed to blessed with good fortune all through their life.
It is common belief in the business world that any venture undertaken on AkshayaTritiya will prosper and reach great heights. So on this day, one often hears of many new businesses/enterprises being set up.
Now we come to the most important aspect as to why AkshayaTritiya is so popular across cultures and generations. This is because among all the 365 days of the year, this is considered the most auspicious day to buy gold—the ultimate symbol of prosperity. Gold coins and gold jewellery bought and worn on AkshayaTritiya are believed to be symbols of unending good fortune. On AkshayaTritiya, gold shops across the country witness unprecedented rush and tremendous sales.
Most gold stores, like Jos Alukkas, have special offers in place for this special day. At Jos Alukkas, advance bookings for purchases are already in place. If a customer books jewellery worth Rs 30,000, then he/she will get a free gold coin. Special prizes, discounts and exchange offers on all types of jewellery are also available at all Jos Alukkas outlets on this special day. Likewise, customers can utilise the different exchange offers that are available. They can bring in their 22 carat jewellery and purchase sparkling new designs in exactly 22 carat gold, with no change in value or worth. Do drop by your nearest Jos Alukkas store and enjoy maximum benefits of these offers on the auspicious occasion of AkshayaTritiya.
The immense popularity of AkshayaTritiya, cutting across cultures and religions, can be attributed to the fact that people everywhere are looking for symbols of positivity and profitability. Therefore, the belief that new phases in life, whether personal or professional, if undertaken on this particular day will lead to happiness and prosperity, attracts many to AkshayaTritiya. Are you one of them? If so, do purchase gold jewellery or begin a new venture on this auspicious day to avail good fortune.


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