Little safe pockets for your jewels

Little safe pockets for your jewels


People love their jewellery, and love to flaunt it in its absolute sparkle and glamour. Unfortunately, while most people accept that jewellery is valuable, they don’t do much to take proper care of it. Keeping it all in one box or drawer or a bag is almost common practice with most people when it comes to storing their jewellery.

That, however, is no way to ensure that your jewellery stays safe, protected and shining. In fact, it is a surefire way to get your jewellery—whether gold, diamonds, other semi-precious stones or artificial jewellery—scratched, chipped or even broken. After all, a precious stone is precious because of its perfection or heritage.

Storing jewellery basically depends on the type of metal, its size and the embellishments used. The ideal way to store jewellery is to keep each piece separate from the other. The easiest way to do this would be to wrap it in tissue paper, cotton, raw silk etc. Even when placing gold, diamonds and pearls in the locker it is wiser to give them this extra protection. Not to mention finding compact compartmentalized jewellery boxes that will keep your precious jewellery safe as well as fit into the cubby hole of the locker vault.

If you are the kind who loves sewing you can sew small pockets for each piece of jewellery and make it into a bag or a hang-up. How about using a cushion or a soft board to pin up your earrings and brooches? This can then be stored in a soft bag. Or if these are your daily wear jewellery why not hang up the soft board or cushion behind the cupboard door?

There are also many interesting table top pieces to hang or hold jewellery. Like a two-tiered bird embellished hanger cum holder; an Eiffel tower model made of wire from which you can hang your earrings; ice-cube trays to hold rings and nosepins and earrings; or how about converting a mannequin or doll into your necklace holder? All you would have to do is hang the necklaces around the neck of the mannequin or doll.

What if you framed a large piece of thermocol? You could then use paper pins to hang all kinds of jewellery starting from chains, bracelets, and necklaces to earrings, rings and even bangles. Not only would it keep the jewellery from scratching against each other, it would also be quite the statement piece in your bedroom. Another idea, if you have that kind of space, is to collect small quaint bowls or cups, arrange them in your drawer and use them to hold your various pieces of jewellery.

The internet is full of do-it-yourself ideas to make jewellery holders or organisers. There are even cardboard cutouts available which you can design into jewellery holders. All you need is an internet connection, 2 parts creativity and 4 parts patience and enthusiasm. Are you ready to go!


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