Keeping it long and simple

Keeping it long and simple


Women love all types of jewellery but they might have a special attraction towards necklaces. Be it long or short, light-weight or chunky, women pick trendy necklaces to accessorise their overall look. A single neckpiece, when combined with the right attire, can make a dazzling style statement.

Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. Go for a jewel-embedded choker necklace or a long gold chain with simple designs. While the choker/shorter neckpieces are high on detailing and are ideal for occasions, the plain long chain is perfect for an everyday wear.

Don’t be mistaken… long chains come in stunning designs too, and are hugely popular. For their routine days, most women prefer a simple styled long chain. The simplicity is its main attraction. This chain goes well with everyday wear and thus is a popular pick of both young and old. In India, married women string their mangalsutra on the long chain, while others attach a pendant of their preferred deity, star sign or just a pretty design.

Long chains can be styled smartly to give it a fun, party look too. Pair it with a party dress or a traditional outfit, and it gets a brand new avatar. Pair a chic LBD (little black dress) with a single long chain or multiple ones, and there you have a new fashion statement. Another popular style is wearing the long chain in combination with a heavy choker or short neck piece. This contrasting style is a winner.

Jos Alukkas has an exhaustive collection of long chains in designs—be it for a daily look, a wedding buy, a formal style, etc. Most women, especially the elderly in South India, have an age-old habit of wearing long chains. Keeping this in mind, we always have something new and exciting to offer in our collection. Do visit any of our stores , or have a virtual tour of the necklace section on our website for more information.


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