Keep your jewellery safe when you are traveling

Keep your jewellery safe when you are traveling

Keep your jewellery safe

How many times have you checked and double-checked whether that safe was properly locked? How many times have you fretted over the diamond set that you’re carrying on your trip? How many times have you felt your chest tighten when you lost sight of that handbag, with your precious baubles in it, as it moved past the baggage screen and you have to move through a dragging security check line?

Travelling with jewellery or keeping jewellery safe when travelling are headaches that all women have gone through at least once in their lifetime.There might be no easy solution yet to the many imagined fears and worries that we go through, but here are some mind-blowing ideas to fool anyone from figuring out where you’ve hidden that stash.

One surefire way to keep your jewellery safe when travelling without them is to keep them under lock and key in a bank locker. The annual fee is usually not too high (do check with a couple of banks) and as long as you have jewellery boxes that fit the space of the locker, you can keep your precious stuff safe while you travel without a care in the world.

Another idea is to invest in a burglar alarm system for your home. There are many modern security systems that let you know immediately when the house or safe is being forced into; some that also notify the local police station, and some that simply won’t stop blaring unless the security code is punched back in. One small detail, remember to turn it ON when you leave.

It’s also a good idea to invest in wardrobes or almirahs with concealed safes. Many almirahs (and even beds) come with these contraptions nowadays and many a kid has watched in awe as the mother stacked her jewellery and other valuables away in one of those; you would have no clue where to look for them unless you knew they were there.

Yet another good way to safeguard your jewellery is to hand it over to a trustworthy neighbour, friend or relative. Make sure you both do an inventory of exactly what has been placed in their care. You could even photograph the pieces inside the boxes just to be on the safe side. This will ensure that the friendship stays as secure as the jewellery handed over for safekeeping.

You could also insure your jewellery. While there are many ‘clauses’ and ‘conditions’ when it comes to insurance, it’s a good option, especially if you haven’t got a bank locker or a friend to give it to for safekeeping.

Here’s a neat scheme to keep your jewellery out of sight in a most innocuous way, right there in your wardrobe. Take one of your old dresses or kurtis, made of any thick material. Stitch a lining with zippered pouches and pockets into the inside of the dress. Fold it up and hang it in your wardrobe or even place it between all the other folded clothes and nobody will be any the wiser.

Now we come to what to do if you’re heading for a week-long wedding and need to carry some jewellery with you. The best thing to do is to keep it on your person at all times. You do not need to wear all your jewellery all the time, but do carry a handbag that’s large enough to inconspicuously hold all the jewellery you’re carrying. Make sure you’ve got light pieces and not-too-dainty ones that can’t be dumped into the bag. Or you could buy some thin jewellery boxes for the delicate and small pieces.

As far as possible, try to fit most of your jewellery into one or two boxes. That way, they’re easy to keep track of at all times. It would be wise to pack necklaces and earrings in separate packets or layer each set with tissue paper or cotton so as to not let them scratch against each other. Another option is to enquire whether the hotel you are staying at has a locker option for jewellery. Check out the locker thoroughly for its safety before placing your jewellery there. Also check out the hotel policy if things are stolen from the locker. Go for this option only if you are certain since there is absolutely no need to unnecessarily let others know that you are travelling with valuable stuff.

With these simple ways and a little care, you can have your jewellery sparkling and safe, forever!


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