Jos Alukkas – Priceless through the generations

Jos Alukkas – Priceless through the generations

If there is one thing that is true when it comes to buying jewellery, it is that families remain loyal to a brand. As brands go, Jos Alukkas has had a strong following ever since its inception in 1964 by Mr Jos Alukka. Over the years, the company expanded to having ____ branches across the country. As the baton of management passed to the younger generation in the Alukkas family, several advancements took place as well.

Jos Alukkas, as a brand went national, opening branches in different states. It also holds the distinction of being the first ISO 9001:2000 certified jewellery group in the world showcasing BIS certified 916 hallmarked gold.

Today, while Mr Jos Alukka continues to have a keen interest in the growth of his jewellery brand, his interest has also expanded to real estate holdings, with Jos Alukkas Properties. Both brands are ably handled and managed by his three sons—Varghese, Paul and John Alukka, each of whom bring international expertise to the table, in varying management specialties.

With every passing year, Jos Alukkas carved for itself a name that stands for trust, credibility and a keen following of the pulse of the market. From sourcing purest metals to designing innovative jewellery and even offering a range of purchasing schemes, Jos Alukkas has always made jewellery buying a matter of personal interest with each of their customers.

They have understood that for most of their clients, jewellery is not just an indulgence for a special occasion, but an investment for life. Every piece of jewellery bought, also holds the potential of being a family heirloom. It has several beautiful memories that will be associated with it. And that is why every piece you see at Jos Alukkas has the best of gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones, as well as the most superior workmanship that goes into it.

While hands at the helm may have changed for the brand, the transition has been seamless and the aim has remained the same—that of creating a tradition of fine jewellery.


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