Jewellery that Speaks of Trends and Innovation

Jewellery that Speaks of Trends and Innovation


There is something eternally endearing about jewellery. Every lady, irrespective of age, loves jewellery, even if it is just a little ring on her finger. Naturally, it becomes an industry where innovation in design must keep up with trends, as well as popular demand. Jos Alukkas believes in being unique in their designs and incorporating international trends into patterns that appeal to the Indian aesthetic sense. Here are some of the interesting design trends you can look forward to at your next jewellery shopping visit to our stores.

The Use of Mixed Metals: It is the age of the millennial and there is huge demand for mixed metals in jewellery. From the mixing of white gold and rose gold to crossing metals like gold and platinum together, a lot of this can be seen in the jewellery design of today. Earrings, necklaces and even finger rings today feature a mix of metals, adding beautiful dimensions in terms of colour and look. These mixes also bring together warm and cool metals giving them a great personality. For the bridal season that will soon be on us, these are perhaps the most sought after pieces.

Jewellery Going Open: You see it around a lot these days, jewellery is going open. Which means, no longer do you have clasps holding up your necklace and closing up your bracelet! Openwork cuffs are the order of the day—they tend to be a little larger than usual, to equally balance the weight and ensure the piece stays in place. You will also find that a number of pieces include transparent or opaque stones, adding to the beauty of the piece. These open designs are also finding their way into finger rings.

The Y Necklace and Back to Nature Designs: Here is a design that has completed full circle in terms of popularity and is now on its way back in fashion. As a trusted jewellery brand Jos Alukkas stays on top of things and ensures that you have a lovely range of choices to look through. From single strand long necklace to those that are multi-tiered, you will find them all.

Also popular these days is nature inspired designs. While it is common to have motifs and silhouettes of animals, birds and every day nature in designs, things are getting more specific and meaning filled these days. For example, wings are depicted as being inspirational, animals in an action mode and birds in flight. These are further enhanced with the use of minute pieces of precious stone, bringing detailing and style to the fore.

Going Asymmetric: Now this is a trend that offers multiple ways in which innovative design can be brought to the fore. Earrings that are mismatched in terms of design, yet, carry a few similar elements to make them a pair, are the latest fad. The use of small trails of precious stones in necklaces and earrings makes for some interesting designs. The use of clusters of various sizes to create something unique is all being done and set out for you to choose.

Jewellery designing constantly keeps up with time and trends to ensure that you have the best choice when you shop. Visit a Jos Alukkas store today for the latest in jewellery fashion.


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