Jewellery storage: style them up!

Jewellery storage: style them up!

Storing jewelry has always been a fun and interesting task, arranging and making compartments, boxes, etc. Sometimes just the sight of a jewellery box can get us excited, Knowing that there is (quite literally) treasures hidden in there! But what about those old, faded wooden ones that we hide away in cupboards? This weekend, why not get to work and revamp those plain jewellery boxes and turn it into something chic and stylish.

One of the simplest ways to start is painting. Hand painting some floral designs onto wooden jewellery boxes not only makes it look prettier but the process is also a calming, fun exercise for you. Try decoupage and add other elements like small paper cutouts, gold leaf and other effects. Floral designs are often the most common inspiration but you can always experiment and paint a design of your choice or maybe even write some lines/quotes or a name to give it a personal touch.

Painting sparkling jewels on the shelves or sticking stone stickers gives a little more shine and appeal to jewellery shelves. If painting is not your forté, go the old fashioned but classic option of engraving a name or letter on your jewellery box. This makes it more personal and can even be given as a gift to a loved one. Engraving can even be done on metal boxes and not just wooden jewellery boxes.

Jewellery pouches and small bags too can be made trendy with just a few easy decorations. Sewing on colorful beads of your choice or even sequins can give a whole new look to a pouch. Using fabric colours and painting your favourite designs could turn that plain bag into something fun and unique!

With a little creativity, thought and time, you can make your jewellery storage a fun, glamorous and personalised space. 


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