Jade and jasper for the Virgo

Jade and jasper for the Virgo


Those born between August 22 and September 23 belong to the star sign of Virgo. Meaning “The Virgin” in Latin, it also goes by the Greek name of Parthenos.

People born under this star sign are intelligent and have an independent streak about them. This independence however, can lead to short-sightedness and as a result curb their creativity. They think straight and are therefore excellent problem solvers. While they possess the ability to judge character very well, they are often able to conceal their own emotions quite well. They may seem calm and collected on the outside but they are in fact a bundle of nerves on the inside. A Virgo can be analytical and slightly bossy. But most of the times, their suggestions are valid and help make the world a better place.

Virgo has a number of beautiful birthstones associated with it. Among them are:

Jade: Commonly believed to be only in green variety, this is in fact available in yellow and white as well. The stone symbolises love and virtuousness and is believed to make a stronger person out of you.

Jasper: A stone that this star sign shares with Aries, jasper is closely related to the bloodstone. It is believed to help balance out positive and negative energies. It also gives one a spiritual grounding. It is believed to bring much joy to an individual.

Blue Sapphire: With its gorgeous hues, this Virgo birthstone is ideal for those who may be suffering from depression, or are looking for inner peace and spiritual realisation.

There are several other stones such as the citrine, zircon and carnelion that are ideally suited to the Virgo star sign.

It is little wonder that you find several famous creative personalities under this star sign. The British singer Amy Winehouse was one of them. Our own nightingale, Asha Bhosle is a Virgo-born as was Michael Jackson. The famous horror fiction writer Stephen King belongs to this club as well. Mother Teresa was a Virgo. Actors Bill Murray and Michael Keaton are also famous Virgos.


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