Investing in Jewellery Made Easy

Who doesn’t love jewellery? All women and I am sure, some men also do. Gold, diamond, platinum-
the choices are varied and unlimited. These selections, however, do not come cheap as purchasing
jewellery is a huge investment. Since ages, people believe that purchasing gold is a safe and secure
investment and hence they have no qualms about financing huge jewellery hauls.

In present times, things have changed. With increasing expenses, tightening budgets and a volatile
economy, people are looking at different options to put their money in. And the soaring and
fluctuating gold and silver prices do nothing to ease the situation. Don’t lose heart yet… if you plan
your money wisely, that gold/diamond trinket you had set eyes on since long will soon become a
part of your jewellery collection. Take note of the following tips to invest your money safely and
securely in jewellery:

  1.  Plan your jewellery investments wisely: The first point to keep in mind while putting money
    in jewellery is that you should plan it wisely. Do not purchase many pieces of gold/diamond
    items at one go. Instead, try to plan out your jewellery investments in a proper and phased
    out manner so that you don’t end up spending a bulk amount of your money at one go.
  2.  Gold Coin Schemes: Another form of investing in jewellery is opting for gold coin schemes.
    Such gold schemes are available at many jewellery stores and are a good choice for people
    who have a regular income and can plan accordingly. With the Indian Government launching
    new coins in denominations of 5 and 10 grams and gold bars of 20 grams, people have many
    options to choose from while thinking about investing in jewellery.

1. Set aside small amounts: If the jewellery piece you want to purchase is too expensive, don’t
lose heart. The jewellery can still be yours with some careful planning. Calculate the total amount
and split into monthly savings. Set a time frame and start saving the said amount every month and
when the time period ends, you would have saved enough to purchase that particular piece of

1. Do Your Homework: It is easy to get swayed by beautiful things, especially jewellery. But
before investing in it, make sure you know the product well—its quality, value for money, etc. There
are many factors determining the monetary value. These include hallmark, weight and prongs. While
hallmark refers to the metal content of the jewellery, weight is the amount of precious metal in the
item. And finally, prongs are that part of the jewellery which holds the precious stone/gem.

The above-mentioned tips will guide you on how to purchase your desired jewellery piece even if
you are falling short of money. Plan your expenses accordingly and happy shopping!


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