Introducing the regal Mehfil Range of Jewellery

Introducing the regal Mehfil Range of Jewellery

Jewellery has always had a place of pride in an Indian home—beit in the palaces and with the kings and queens of yore, or in our everyday lives today. No occasion goes by without a piece of jewellery being brought out, admired and worn. Jos Alukkas has always offered its customers a wide range of options for every kind of need. And today, with the idea of giving you something more, Jos Alukkas launches Mehfil—Classics in Gold—styled on India’s strong historical legacy and love for quality and intricate pieces of art in gold.

Inspired by Mughal artistry, the Mehfil range of jewellery are statements of power, prosperity and prestige and of course beauty as well. These necklaces and earring sets are fit for a queen. Each one of them is designed to bring in the majesty of the Mughal era, where motifs are large, yet intricately designed and filled with illustrious craftsmanship. The use of gold in these designs is unlike anything you have seen. Adorning yourself with these pieces will be like draping an intricate shawl of designed jewellery on yourself.

The design range includes heavy necklaces, layered chokers, multi-tiered chains, with floral patterns, architecturally inspired designs and motifs, all with a touch of royalty woven in.

These classics in gold are all about bringing out the elegance and royal panache that is an inherent part of classic India and its sense of styling. Each of these sets complements the Indian style of dressing quite elaborately and brings out the hidden royalty in you.

So come over to Jos Alukkas and browse through our royal range. We assure you that the experience will be nothing short of regal, and you will take home a piece of this royalty, all for yourself. Come look through the Mehfil range of Jos Alukkas today.


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