Indian/International Jewellery Trends for 2017

Indian/International Jewellery Trends for 2017


Another year is upon us and brings with it new and happening jewellery trends. Experts are all ready with their lists of what is hot and what is not in the jewellery scene. Everyone is eager to know which jewellery is topping the popularity charts and which trinket has taken a backseat. So without any delay, here’s presenting the hot-n-happening jewellery trends for 2017:

On the International Scene:

  • Baroque Pearl Drops: In 2017, baroque pearl drops are expected to make a comeback. As they are comparatively inexpensive as against their spherical counterparts, the demand is bound to skyrocket. Also the preference is for bigger pearl drops as people are giving the smaller ones a miss.

2) Single Earrings: The single earring is a runaway hit in fashion hotspots London, Milan and Paris. Be it drop, long, hoop, graphic or ear cuff, people are flaunting the ‘only one’ style. This is one of the most unique jewellery trends of the year.

3) Silver is Back: 2017 is predicted to be the year of silver. While gold is everyone’s all-time favorite, silver jewellery is also finding popularity as the perfect base for this year’s rainbow-bright colour palette.

4) Use of fabrics: Another eye-catching trend this year is the wide use of fabric in jewellery. The display of a satin fold in sequins, a touch of paillette dress in beaded earrings, the use of sparkly material in choker necklaces are gaining wide popularity.

5) Chokers, big and small: Chokers, in all shapes and sizes, are a super-hit this year. Over-sized chokers were well appreciated in jewellery shows and the thick chokers of last year have made way for simple fabrics, a single chain or leather thong.

6) Statement/Layered Necklaces: Quirky, statement necklaces are expected to be one of the biggest trendsetters in 2017. Stylish, minimal pieces at the end of a single long chain were a runaway hit in the international scene. Layered necklaces are also highly popular. Pearl chains, in combination with metal and gold layers, are perfect for a fun date night.

7) Talisman jewellery: The bohemian style is back in vogue this year. Lucky charms, chains and bracelets with talismans are being bought off shelves like never before.

Meanwhile in India…

Just like the world over, the jewellery scene in India looks promising for the year ahead. First on the list is bracelets. In 2017, Indian jewellery designers are drawing inspiration from ancient traditions/culture to come out with exciting new bracelet designs. Bracelets with crystals, chains and thinned threads with beads are expected to rule the fashion trend. Also, a special mention of “handmade bracelets”. While silver will still be the main base material for bracelets, leather will leave an impact as well.

The year 2017 might as well be the year of colour in Indian jewellery. The trend of fusing liquid glass in bright colours to metals (enamel) is seen in Meenakari and ethnic jewellery. This trend will gain popularity in the coming year.

Large rings are a hot favourite too as they sit pretty with both traditional Indian outfits as well as Indo-Western attire. Pair up large/cocktail rings with your anarkali/party dress to make a lasting impression.


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