How the world is dressing up this year

How the world is dressing up this year


It is the season when the fashion world goes abuzz with what is store for fashionistasfor the year ahead. If you think that trends appearing on ramps are not meant for you or are too over the top, there is a way around it. Not every trend has to be replicated in its entirety. You may consider taking only a few small elements of a style and working it to your advantage. Here are some of the hottest trends currently up for consideration:

Go red: Every wardrobe needs a shot of colour once in a while. This season, it is the colour red. Find something red to add to your wardrobe. This could be a coat, a dress, a skirt or a pair of shorts. It will give you a great base to work with and accessorise.

Bold with gold: This year, gold jewellery is going bold. Delicate is all but out. What you should be looking for are dramatic designs in the form of sculpted cuff bangles, bib-styled necklaces and chic collar necklaces. Pointed cuff bangles are in style too, with generous detailing in precious stones.

Give the saree a chance: This year, the saree is coming back with a bang. There have been several moves on social media to bring the saree to the fore and boy, has that succeeded! The statement saree will help you get in touch with your ethnic side. You may choose to enhance the outfit by using an embellished top or a shirt instead of a blouse. An insider secret—a saree is often the safest, stylish garment to wear. Rarely, if ever, will someone walk in with the same one.

Layered outfits: It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold outside, layering your outfits is a trend this season. Go with long coats or short ones. Choose to wear skimpy tops that can be layered with another one and then a jacket. The possibilities are plenty in terms of the fabrics you choose to combine or the colours and textures you wish to bring together.

Going platinum: Floral designs for rings are what you should be looking at this year. These are timeless and stand the test against a quick sea change in trends. The antique styled ring too will hold sway this season. Platinum rings with coloured precious stones are also in vogue.

2016 is a year of going big as far as fashion and accessories are concerned. All you need to do is observe the trends emerging and use the elements you feel will work best for you.


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