Hand-Me-Down beauties?

Hand-Me-Down beautiesGrandma, after your time, can I take this earring?

Many a grandma has heard this question, and many a granddaughter still reddens up at the mention of
the incident. But sooner or later, the said earring or necklace or ring, or sometimes a brand new one,
will definitely find its way into the granddaughter’s collection. And thus is born an heirloom jewellery.

For most of us, jewellery is an emotion, not just an accessory. At Jos Alukkas, we believe that every piece
of heirloom jewellery is handed down along with a very sentimental story. The traditional palakka mala
from your grandmother’s collection, the earring from your mother’s wedding jewellery or the pendant
gifted by your big sister, they all add an emotional and happiness quotient to the jewellery—a memory,
a sentiment, a throb of the heart…. Though these might be ‘old fashioned’ or ‘out of date’, they can
easily be paired with traditional attire that you would wear for festivals and festivities. And viola, you
would sure to be the charming old-world beauty.

But what do you do if your family heirloom is not to your taste at all? Keeping them hidden up in the
locker hoping maybe your children will like it would be a shame. And you might even unintentionally
dim the sparkle of the ornament when you leave it locked up in a stuffy locker. What you can do instead,
is rethink, redesign and reuse. Diamonds, gold, pearls, precious stones and even semi-precious stones
can be artfully redesigned and reset to the latest trends. Discuss the options frankly with your jeweller.
Identify a good design that will suit the metal and the stones of your heirloom, figure out the costs
involved as well as loss of metal or stones you might incur during resetting. If you intend to hand over
the redesigned heirloom to your daughter, it would make sense to involve her also in the redesigning.
This way, the sentimental attachment is formed right from the beginning.

So, go ahead and reimagine a new lease of life for that precious family heirloom as you blend the past
and the present, the traditional and the modern and still keep intact the bond of love.


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