Gold- The Evergreen, Eternal Glitter

Gold- The Evergreen, Eternal Glitter

Gold is everyone’s favourite metal and people, be it men or women, love to adorn gold jewellery in their day-to-day life as well as for any special occasion. With the passage of time, new metals and stones like platinum, silver, ruby, emerald etc have made their debut in the jewellery market, but gold was and still is the undisputed leader of the jewellery industry, especially in India. The advantage of gold is that it looks pretty with all kinds of jewellery—be it bridal, modern, traditional, minimalistic—to name a few. 

So, what qualities do gold possess that it has stood the test of time? Firstly, gold, as a metal, is very strong and long lasting. Gold jewellery remains intact for years, decades and does not experience significant wear or tear if you treat it with love and care. Whether you are adorning it in your daily life or keeping it safe in your locker, your gold ornaments will never lose their sheen and will carry the same feel and look as when you bought them first. 

Customers always opt to purchase gold jewellery as the precious metal has the highest certification and purity standards. Gold has an extremely transparent and credible system of quality marking and this also gives the metal value for money and good exchange value. The purity is one of the main reasons why gold jewellery is the most important part of any bridal look. Pure, beautiful and intricately designed gold necklaces, bangles and earrings make the blushing bride even more attractive and glorious. 

Gold has been the best-seller for Jos Alukkas ever since the brand opened shop 55 years ago. Even though now we have separate diamond, platinum and gems sections, people mainly flock our showrooms to take a look at the latest gold collection. No other metal can steal gold’s glitter and the metal will continue to remain people’s first choice in jewellery. Maybe, that is why the saying was coined, “Old is gold”. 



  1. The gold Jewellery is very beautiful and unique. It adds beauty to the bride.The purity of Jewellery gives us a chance to reach more customers.

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