Go Traditional this Christmas

Go Traditional this Christmas

The fun thing about living in a country like India is that there is a festival around the corner almost every month. This also means more dressing up and more looks to flaunt, which can be exciting and confusing too. What will you wear during the Christmas season? What could your jewellery box have that can match the mood of the season? So many style decisions to make! Sure, there will  be plenty of trendy little pieces in your collection, but how about giving a new twist to the same old story? This year, we suggest going for Indian traditional jewellery for Christmas. No, it’s not crazy, in fact it the perfect match. Wondering what aspect of Indian jewellery could possibly match the Christmas season? The colours, of course!

Christmas is all about red, whites, green and gold. And for eons, red, white, green and gold have defined traditional Indian jewellery. Be it rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, garnets, jades, kundan diamonds or meenakari work, the colour schemes are a ‘brilliant’ match for the season.

So, this Christmas, chuck that dress and drape some traditional magic around you. Deck yourself up with traditional Indian jewellery, like an emerald and diamond studded earring with a matching cocktail ring, a ruby and diamond necklace with a bracelet and earrings to match, to name just a few. Beaded chains and chokers made with precious stones seem to be trending right now, and nobody could have pulled it off with more élan than celebrity couple Deepika and Ranveer did for their wedding festivities.

But for those of you who still want to opt for a modern attire, these layered chains of precious stones are sure to pair well with trendy clothes too and give it that classic charm. So also, the diamond and precious stones earrings and rings. There’s plenty to choose from out there, so get ready and visit your nearest Jos Alukkas store to get your look set for this Christmas season.

PS.For the big boys out there, it wasn’t just Deepika who rocked it with traditional jewellery and attire. Ranveer was a true match for her in every sense of the word. So, maybe it’s time to stop shying away from the jewellery stores and head there yourself?


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