Go minimalist for summer

Go minimalist for summer

Minimalist jewellery

The summer heat urges us to be at our minimalistic best in terms of fashion. This means that all that clunky jewellery will take a short break, freeing you from the worries of excessive sweating and skin irritation. Just as the outfits become shorter and lighter in summer, accessorising also takes the minimalist route. Small, delicate pieces can give you a classy, bright and summery look. Some great minimalist jewellery choices are:

  • Pearls: Single pearl earrings and a single pearl in gold or silver setting on a thin chain makes for an elegant way of dressing up your daily wear.
  • Ear and neck cuffs: These are small and delicate cuffs that add to the style quotient of just about any kind of outfit, without making you seem heavily decked up.
  • Bracelets: Put away all those heavy and broad or stackable bangles. This is the season to wear a single string or a single charm bracelet.
  • Finger rings: This season, go with slim finger rings with no stones that can be worn around the knuckles as well. A good cage ring worn on the index finger can be part of your office wear as well as casual wear. They are not an expensive investment and can be used in multiple ways.

While statement pieces have been the way to go these last few years, minimalist jewellery has become quite the trend now. They easily blend into any kind of look and can be mixed and matched to make a good set of accessories for an outfit.

One of the best ways to wear this kind of jewellery is to layer it. Think thin bracelets that hold a solitaire or an interlinked pendant or maybe just a thin string of gold that wraps around your wrist. Layered, they bring in character to the wrist and on their own they add a delicate touch.

The same concept works for necklaces too. Invest in sets that are of varying lengths. Wear them in a tiered fashion. Every necklace comes with an additional length of loops to help you manipulate length. Fashionistas now say that having this excess length adds a touch of beauty. From a simple T-shirt to a summer dress, these will look great.

Accessorising with minimalist jewellery is all about layering and stacking various pieces to create an interesting look. It might take you a little while to get the hang of it, but this is one style that can be very addictive.


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