Go light, stay elegant

Go light, stay elegant

Go light, stay elegant

Doubtlessly, dressing smart for work goes a long way in boosting confidence. What you wear and how you wear it make a significant part of the impression you leave on colleagues and associates. And often, accessories are what lift an outfit from ordinary to outstanding. So when you pick out jewellery for the day, pay close attention.

The jewellery one wears to office must follow one cardinal rule—keep it simple and elegant. Avoid heavy jewellery like chunky earrings and choker necklaces as you might end up looking overdressed. Simple, beautiful pieces in gold, diamond and even platinum are hugely popular among the young office-going crowd. Read on to know why lightweight jewellery makes for perfect office wear:

  • Add some colour: When gold prices shoot up, working women prefer buying lighter jewellery pieces having lesser amount of gold. These pieces may weigh less—they can be anything between 2-40 grams—but have the same appeal as any other gold ornament. Lightweight jewellery often comes encrusted with various precious stones like ruby, sapphire and emerald. Gold jewellery with that touch of colour from precious stones are an instant hit among working professionals.

2) Suit all occasions: Jos Alukkas is debuting jewellery that looks lightweight but have the impact of heavy pieces. This type of jewellery not only weighs less, but also has the added attraction of having traditional designs. If one has to attend a function right after office hours, these pieces are perfect. The lightweight collection has trendy and latest designs, which are ideal for office as well as social gatherings.

  • Money matters: Being lightweight, the amount of metal used in this kind of jewellery is less and making charges are also lesser than traditional jewellery. The price range of lightweight jewellery begins as low as Rs 1,000 and is in an affordable range.
  • Be spoilt for choice: You have a plethora of choice when it comes to lightweight daily use jewellery. Studs, dewdrop earrings, simple chains, bracelets, solitaire rings—the list is endless. These are available in gold, diamond and platinum. Designed particularly for the Indian working woman, you will find delightful and unique designs suited for office wear. Stand out without going overboard!
  • Simple and stylish: The main reason why working women opt for lightweight jewellery is that it is simple and stylish. These ornaments are elegant, contemporary and easy to wear. They are easy on the eye and can be mixed and matched with most work outfits.

So next time you are out jewellery shopping, check out lightweight designer pieces; make your regular working day a special one.


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