Glitters & sparkles from the ramp!

Glitters & sparkles from the ramp!


Jewellery! Who doesn’t wear it? Men, women, girls, boys, why even pet animals seem to be great jewellery aficionados. Most of us are influenced by what celebrities and models are wearing. And we try to ape them. So read on to find out what the catwalk jewellery trend is all about this season.

While catwalk jewellery is more about costume jewellery, it can’t be denied that the accessories worn on the ramp greatly impact the styles that we see in our local jewellery stores. So even as jewellery in gold held strong on the ramps, there has undoubtedly been a shift to silver—the muted matte or textured silver.Yes, time to get hold of some white gold for yourself. Your favourite store is sure to have them showcased in the latest fads.

There were a lot of chunky chains—adorning necks, wrists, and even the waist. The link chain is another comeback this season. Link chains have never ceased to be a hit, especially among the ‘dudes’.The chains feature baubles and adornments on them, giving them a rad look. Over-sized jewellery in geometric designs and abstract shapes are holding a steady gait this season too. While opulence and grandeur were the focal points of evening jewellery, there were many low-key yet classic designs for daywear or work-wear. Outlines or a framework effect is the new ‘in thing’ for daywear jewellery. Like the small pearl-drop pendant on a thin silver wire choker necklace by Dries Van Noten, the scribble effect neck pieces by Altuzarra and the like.

Ornaments with movement about them also made a say on the ramp. Like necklaces with a cascading effect, Chanel’s pearl strands knotted at the neck and still flowing down, and fringes on bracelets by Chloe to name a few. Add dangling earrings along with such pieces and you are sure to complete the stunning look. The prominent shapes that walked the ramp this season were the simple circles, triangles, and squares. The disc shape and the circle within a circle look have always lured the populace. This time too they held strong on appeal.

Just as appealing, it seems, is the hoop earring. This is one piece of jewellery that will never go out of fashion—ever. The bigger the better is the trend for the hoop. But even the quaint small rings are cute and enough to lend you that look of mod. While the plain hoop is a must-have for any woman, this season saw a lot of handiwork being done on the hoops. There were stone-crusted ones, hoops with engravings, hoops with small danglers attached across it and what not. There were even flat hoops, thick hoops, thin ones, jagged ones and much more.Hoops have always been a trendy piece of jewellery to wear and using them as statement pieces is at once classic as well as utterly hip. This is one statement piece that can exude sheer confidence and self-assuredness.



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