Glam up your work attire for an evening out

Glam up your work attire for an evening out

Glam up your work attire for an evening out

If there’s one thing that can suck all the verve out of you in a matter of a mere eight hours, it’s a bad day at work. And if there’s one thing that can infuse all that joie de vivre back into you it’s a night out with colleagues or friends. But how can you walk into a promising evening dressed like you just got off work? (Which you did, of course… but you get the point, right?)

Well, here are some surefire ways to glam up your look and transform you from corporate robot to social butterfly. For those of us who wear kurtis to work, things are pretty easy. All you have to do is switch your dupattas for stoles; try out the various styles in which you can style a stole and walk out all prepped up. You could also leave your hair loose and ruffle it up a bit.

A stole will work well with any of the western corporate styles, too. So will a brooch, a tie or scarf, or even a fabulous purse. Jackets are the latest trend this year, and so it’s best to carry one in your bag or car for just such outings. Solid colours like red or black can be paired with any outfit. But for a less formal look go for floral prints or embroidered jackets. And then again, you could always strip—out of a jacket, we mean! Wear a jacket to office and get out of it to loosen up and go party.

A hair trend that’s catching on is the bun. Whether it is tied at the nape of the neck or higher up, glam it up by randomly threading strings of beads through the bun. You could also try entwining a chain over the bun. Why not try some make-up tricks to look snappy? Smudge your eyeliner to get that smokey look. Brighten up your lips with a darker shade and you’re sure to look ready for fun.

If you’re headed for a formal do, but have no time to change, make sure you carry some heavy jewellery. There’s nothing like jewellery to transform your look from mundane to regal. Climber earrings or even chandelier diamonds work as statement pieces. These can be used to glam up any type of attire, too. Bangles are yet another accessory guaranteed to make you look dressy. These too can either be traditional or chic and modern, depending on your attire.

If you’re in a skirt or dress, a single anklet can add loads of oomph. Make it chunky and pair it with stilettoes and well, you can just imagine how sassy you’ll look, right? Did we just forget to mention cocktail rings? But then, doesn’t it go without saying that cocktail rings are the one thing that can be your statement piece at any time of the day or night, and with any kind of attire?

So there you are, ladies; a few tricks to keep up your sleeve and glam yourselves up as and when the need arises.


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