Glam up with the exquisite kamarband

Glam up with the exquisite kamarband


It can be delicate or chunky, all gold or stone studded. Whatever the design, the elegant kamarband is here to stay as a style statement. An integral part of Indian bridal attire, it is nowadays seen not just on brides, but on women of all ages. No longer restricted to the wedding trousseau, young girls now accessorise their lehengas and chaniya cholis with the kamarband.

So what is this kamarband, you ask? Known by different other names like sash, patka, phenta, and girdle, it is a long piece of jewellery worn around the waist or kamar. Even today, it is largely worn by brides. While the North Indian bride opts for kamarbands embedded with stones, her South Indian counterpart is happy with her gold kamarband beautifully complimenting her silk saree.

While earlier the kamarband was worn mostly with sarees, nowadays it is used as an accessory for all types of outfits. It adds to the beauty and elegance of low waist sarees and lehengas. This accessory looks best on a slim waistline. When worn with a saree, it ensures that the saree stays in place and looks perfect.

This ornament also sits pretty with all types of Western outfits. A simple silver or metallic kamarband will accentuate the beauty of any dark coloured gown. When worn along with daily Indo-Western wear like jeans, capris or pants, the kamarband enhances the overall look without going overboard. Simple and classy. For jeans, fashionistas suggest wearing a simple chain with charms.

In the jewellery market, the kamarband is available in different designs and patterns. The most popular types are three-layered, double-layer dangling style, necklace style, flower necklace style, net style with dangling stones, gold necklace style and chain style kamarband. All these various kinds of kamarbands come studded with a wide variety of stones like ruby, polki, kundan, amethyst and Swarovski crystals.

With the younger generation displaying great interest in the kamarband, a lot more variety of designs are debuting in the market. This is a good time to pick the one best suited for your ethnic or modern outfits and be the highlight of any social gathering.


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