Gift the perfect piece of jewellery

Gift the perfect piece of jewellery


One of the perfect ways to express your love and affection is with a piece of jewellery. But choosing the right one may be quite a task if you do not keep certain pointers in mind. If you are looking for a great piece of jewellery, we suggest you keep some of these tips in mind to help you make a good choice.

Age and occasion

It is important that you select jewellery based on the age of the person you are gifting it to. What you choose for a teenager will be very different from what a 20-something would like. With each passing decade in terms of age, the choice of jewellery varies. So the first aspect to keep in mind is the recipient’s age.

Now give some thought to the occasion. If you are looking at small successes like an arts fest win or a sports competition, then a delicate set may be appropriate. If you are gifting to celebrate a milestone like a graduation, promotion, anniversary or a new job, you may want something more elegant and perhaps inclusive of a precious stone.

Personal preferences

Once you have narrowed down on the age and occasion, you will want to take personal preferences into account. Find out whether your loved one prefers a particular type of precious metal. While some prefer only gold and platinum, many are open to silver as well. Choice of precious stones is also important. Some love clear, non-coloured stones, while others opt for particular shades. Yet a few others are open to non-conventional stones as well.

Personal preferences also include jewellery of a particular kind. Some prefer the complete set with earrings, necklace and bracelet. Others prefer only necklaces. You may also want to explore a current favourite such as just finger rings, bangles or even anklets and nose rings. There is a wide range available in each of these segments and any of them may make a good choice.

Design and styles

There are myriad designs and styles that you can choose from. Again, your choice here will have to be made on the basis of the person’s preferences. You can choose from heavy and intricate traditional Indian designs, to more contemporary and delicate ones. From floral to abstract to straight lines and more, there are several patterns available. Observe what your loved one frequently wears—from everyday jewellery needs to party options. Observe their style as well, since this can play a major role in making the right choice.

When you visit a store, you may also want to ask the representatives manning the counters on what are the latest styles in the market. This too may help make you make a great choice.

With these pointers in mind, you can be sure of selecting a piece of jewellery that will be loved and well appreciated.


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