Get that perfect wedding shimmer!

Get that perfect wedding shimmer!


You are done picking the wedding dress or the gorgeous white wedding saree of your dreams. That must have been an exciting experience. Well! Get ready for another—it is now time to accessorise your wedding gown. The most popular choice is often gold, but not always does gold make the perfect pairing with a white gown or saree.

Diamonds and platinum on the other hand, make for regal style statements and perfectly accentuate your dress on your big day. Here are a few tips on making some elegant choices.

Keep in mind, while buying jewellery, not to overdo it. The more bling you adorn at your wedding, the more the attention will be drawn away from the radiant bride that you are. What you need to do is accentuate your dress in a subtle, yet eye-catching way.

Matching your dress to the precious stones you use is a thought to keep in mind. Pearls and platinum work perfectly for a pure white gown. If your white gown has bead work on it, then let that be the inspiration for the precious metals you choose. Off-white pearls on gowns and sarees go well with silver and platinum bases or accents.

Choose your jewellery smartly. If your gown has an elaborate neckline, let that speak for itself. Skip a necklace and instead invest in heavy chandelier earrings. This will draw focus to your face and give you a fabulous shimmer. This will also mean that you sweep your hair up. Besides chandeliers, you could also consider the teardrop style and even cluster earrings. If you plan to let your hair loose, then diamond studs will do just the job.

The neckline of your dress also plays a major role in the kind of jewellery you choose. A sweetheart neckline, for example, with a tight bodice is best highlighted with a shimmering diamond collar. A V neckline will be best highlighted with strands of platinum and diamond baubles at the end of it. A layering of solitaires will work amazingly well.

Sleeveless and strappy dresses or even sleeveless wedding blouses go very well with stone-encrusted diamond cuffs. A single cuff will give your hand an elegant look. Bateau necklines or high-necked blouses pair well with layered strings of stones—2 tier or 3 tier depending on the size of the stones.

Diamonds will always be your best friend. But gold, platinum and other precious stones will always be welcome in to your jewellery collection, for sure. Your wedding day is the perfect reason to get the best. What better way to begin the making of a family heirloom than with a perfect piece of jewellery.


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