Earring styles, pick them right

Earring styles, pick them right


Who does not love a good pair of earrings? Whether it is a small stud or a dangling piece, earrings add to the beauty of any style and attire. The right earring will complement your outfit and ensure that you look like a million bucks, whether you are going to office or attending a grand party. So how does one choose the right earring? Most women decide on the earring based on the outfit they are going to wear, its colour and type. While these aspects may help to some extent, the most deciding factor, which women tend to ignore, is the face shape.

Let us take a look at different earring styles based on the common face shapes:

  • Round Face: If a person has a round face they should opt for earrings which will add to the length of the face. Thin and medium-width earrings are what the experts recommend. Round-faced people should avoid small stud earrings and drops with rounded shapes because these two styles go against their face shape. If they do wear studs, select bold angular shapes as this works best for them. Women having circular faces must keep dangling circular discs away as these earrings make the face seem wider.
  • Oval Face: Most earring styles go well for oval faces, except dangling earrings with a wide bottom as these may shift focus from the face. What suits them best are oval-shaped dangling earrings as this will complement their face very well. Teardrop earrings also work well as they balance the natural oval shape of the face.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: The earring style best suited for heart-shaped faces are danglers in teardrop or chandelier form as they balance out the pyramidal shape of the face. These pieces will highlight the eyes, jaw line and cheekbones. Curved earrings are perfect for this face type. Chandelier earrings designed as diamond drops are a hot favourite among women with heart-shaped faces.
  • Diamond-Shaped Face: Those having a diamond-shaped face should opt for long curvy earrings. Pieces with soft curves will accentuate the cheekbones and jaw lines of this face type. Dangle and hoop style earrings work wonders on women with diamond-shaped faces. One style they must avoid is dangle earrings in diamond form as it puffs up their face.
  • Narrow-Shaped Face: Pearl earrings are the best picks as they highlight the softness of the face. A bunch of pearls dangling below the earlobe looks beautiful on a narrow-shaped face. Dangling earrings also sit pretty on this face shape. Go for eardrops with long curves as they highlight the cheekbones.
  • Square Face: Almost all earring styles suit this face type. Among these, lengthy, rounded and curved earrings are the most popular. Women have also shown a liking for over-sized hoops as these give a smaller softer look to the face. Square-faced women should avoid wide earrings and those with a linear style as these shapes will stretch out the jaw line. This will not work well for their overall look.

Now that you know the exact earring styles meant for different face types, get smart and pick earpieces that best complement your overall personality.


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