Dressing for Summer; make it trendy & comfy

Dressing for Summer; make it trendy & comfy

Summer is here and the heat is bearing down on us much more than it was all these years. It is that time of the year when all your bright summer clothing comes out of the cupboard and your dress sense has a nice summery feel to it. If you are unsure of how to work your wardrobe, here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow.

In summers, let’s start with comfortable footwear. Your shoes of choice should be those that are flat, open-toed and strong. These are shoes that you will do a sizable amount of walking in, considering it’s the summer holidays. Make sure to pick a half size larger than your regular size. Summers is when feet tend to bloat a little and you want to remain comfortable in what you have. To accessorize your legs you can consider wearing delicate, single string anklets. These go very well with most kinds of flat, summer shoes.

Keep the summer style easy, breezy and fun. Remember that anything too tight can be constrictive and uncomfortable—be it clothes or accessories. Opt for loose skirts and baggy t-shirts or tops. This gives your skin breathing space and makes things very comfortable in the summer sun. These can be accessorized with single, long chains with pendants. These can be statement pendants or delicate ones that accentuate the top you are wearing. You can also opt to wear charm bracelets and golden hoop earrings that give you a summery look. Diamond studs on the ears and on your fingers look great too.

Investing in a good summer hat is a great idea. Gives you the protection you need, protects your eyes from the high levels of heat and allows you to let your hair down in style. Of course, with a set of platinum and diamond earrings your look will be highlighted in a light, yet classy manner.

One form of jewellery that really works in the summer time is that of rose gold. It gives off a lovely highlight against all the pastel clothes that you will have in your cupboard. A chain and earring set is the perfect way to get started.

Summer is also a time you can think of layering your jewellery. From tiny, single strand gold/silver chokers to longer beaded chains, there are so many combinations that you can think of.

This summer don’t hesitate in mixing and matching with your clothes and jewellery. After all, you can make your own style statements for others to emulate, right?


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