Dress up your little darlings in trendy kid’s jewellery


Remember when your mom was getting dressed for a function? The lovely necklace around her neck, the jingling bangles, ornate earrings, flowers in her hair, shiny high heels, the bindhi, the lipstick, a dash of kajal… It was oh so magical and beautiful, right?
Snap back into the present and watch your little one observing you when you get dressed. She’s mesmerized by your antics in front of the mirror, whether you are dressing for the office or for a party. Little hands fiddle about with your expensive and delicate jewellery, and occasionally there is a request—can I wear this, mama?
Kids these days are far more tuned into fashion and popular culture than ever before. The idiot box and magazines are ‘educating’ them at a fast pace. Also, they see their friends and older siblings dressing up in the latest fashion. It’s natural then that they feel like dressing up in cute, eye-catching jewellery. So how do you ensure that your little fashionista looks her best without compromising on quality? Give them some of your own old jewellery to experiment with? No way!
Children today don’t really want to imitate us. They have their own sense of style and they want to fit in with their peers too. Most girls go for dainty bracelets and bangles, while the boys seem to prefer heavy or chunky jewellery. Pendants, earrings, anklets and kadaa-like bangles are in vogue where kids are concerned. Animal designs, sun, moon, and star patterns, and cartoon characters are an all-time favourite among children.
Jos Alukkas has tapped into that innate sense of style in your child. Be it trendy styles or that classic look, ornate work or simple designs, your little one—toddler or teenager, boy or girl—is sure to find something they fancy. Just let your kiddie party romp around and admire the collection at our stores.
You could also direct your children to choose a diamond or precious stone studded piece. Shocked? Don’t be. Apart from the cuteness factor, did we mention that it is a good investment? Here’s a value addition lesson you can impart to them while they are busy shopping for themselves.
Last but not the least, our precious collection for little princes and princesses also makes a great gifting idea. They don’t say “good things come in small packages” for nothing!


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