Designs blessed by nature

Designs blessed by nature

blessed by nature

Nature is all around us. So it is only natural for jewellery designers to be inspired by Mother Nature to come up with exquisite and one-of-a-kind designs. These can range from floral patterned bangles and brooches, animal or bird-shaped pendants and rings, and leaf printed charm bracelets among others. What is common to all these designs is that they all highlight the beauty of nature. This kind of jewellery is highly popular among people who love the outdoors and everything associated with it.

What sets it apart

When nature is the muse, the jewellery is bound to stand out. What makes it special?

  • Delicate pieces of work: Almost all of nature-inspired ornaments are delicate and finely crafted. You will not find any heavy pieces in this kind of jewellery. Intricately designed and painstakingly manufactured, these pieces add a touch of nature to your style statement, be it rings and necklaces shaped like vines, or flower-inspired brooches and rings.
  • Colourful jewellery: What is a flower without its colour? It is not just the shapes and patterns that get crafted in gold, nature lends its vibrant colours also to jewellery. You will find trinkets in a wide range of natural colours like darker shades of pink and light green.
  • Geometric: Nature-inspired jewellery presents flowers, various forms of fauna, sea shells and other elements of nature in different shapes and designs. These include angular and geometric designs and asymmetrical formations. These designs are highly popular among the younger generation, especially among those who prefer to keep their jewellery simple and light.

Jewellery range

The most common nature-inspired designs are leaves, flowers, shells and vines, among others. The peacock or butterfly motifs, often with a stone-studded and colourful touch, are much-loved designs too. Very often, nature-inspired jewels are custom-made and customers can order designs of their choice. Some of the popular custom-made pieces include silver crab claw cuff links and scallop shell necklace.

Find your own bit of inspiration in nature and create your unique design!


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