Designed by you, for you

Designed by you, for you


Whether its clothes or jewellery, most of us tend to follow the latest and popular trends. The general feeling is that if one does not follow the trend, then they will not fit in. That’s far from true. One need not copy the latest trend to look fashionable or ‘stand out in a crowd’. You can become your own stylist and start a new trend. Who knows, one day your style quotient may charm the whole world.

With jewellery, the options are varied, and there are numerous ways to create your own style. While choosing trinkets, the most important point to note is that the jewellery must be an extension of your personality. Your jewellery should make a statement about who you are, your beliefs, your choices, your confidence, etc. Here are some ever-reliable tips on how to dazzle with your personalized jewellery style:

  • Be Yourself: That is the first and foremost rule while making a style statement. Don’t blindly follow what your friends/colleagues are adorning. You need to know your likes and dislikes in jewellery and plan accordingly. If you like simple, elegant stuff, opt for jewellery choices like diamond studs, dew drop earrings or a simple diamond bracelet. This type of jewellery is not loud, but subtle and elegant. It perfectly suits office and daily wear.

On the other hand, if you have a vibrant, outgoing personality then simple jewellery is not for you. Go for dangling earrings, heavy work neckpieces and chunky bracelets. Fun, bold and bling will reflect your personality and add to its charm.

  • Be Creative: While styling yourself it is always nice to get creative, try differen combinations, play with colours, etc until you find a suitable style. So make it fun, combine that choker necklace with your Little Black Dress (LBD) and you are all set to rock the night away. You can also mix & match gold jewellery with your party wear to get a different and unique look.
  • Give Importance to Layers: Layers are important while adorning jewellery. Odd and even combinations of bangles or necklaces look pretty—be it a formal or informal wear. If you are opting for a simple plain dress, team it with a multi-layered gold/platinum necklace. The different layers of the necklace will accentuate the beauty of the dress. Multi-layered gold and platinum (or silver) bangles are the perfect picks when one is dressed for a nice day out. You could throw in a few glass bangles too for some colour.
  • Duck the popular trends: Another important rule while mixing and matching jewellery is to go against the tide. If the popular trend is silver, then you try out platinum jewellery. If dangling earrings are in, adorn make an impact with stunning studs. This highlights your personality of being free, independent and creative.

Jos Alukkas always has something special for every customer. Be it bangles, neckpieces, earrings, rings or bracelets—our jewellery collection has everything you need to create your own style statement. Our craftsmen are always coming up with new and exquisite designs to suit different style preferences. Do take a look at our latest additions. Who knows it may be just perfect for your jewellery style. So hurry up, visit our nearest showroom or check out our online store.


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