Create a Piece of Jewellery that’s Specially for You

Create a Piece of Jewellery that’s Specially for You

When you step into a jewellery store and browse through its offerings, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Is this necklace different from the rest? Will this set of earrings and bangles look similar to someone in the family? Isn’t this design similar to what my cousin has? Isn’t this a rather common design? When you go jewellery shopping, you want to be able to have something exclusive that no other person may have. It may not be very exciting to head out to a function, only to see the same necklace you are wearing around somebody else’s neck.

At Jos Alukkas, we offer you the opportunity to customise your piece of jewellery and make it exactly the way you want. This is a facility you may avail of at any of our outlets. Step right in, sit down with our designers and have them create a piece that is uniquely yours. The inspiration may come from many place, films or books, but in the hands of our designers, it will take on a shape that is exclusively you.

What’s more, you have the ability to choose from precious metals like gold and platinum and be assured of their quality. Similarly precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and more are all available for your design. Whether you are looking at creating a piece that is international in its appeal or one that is inherently ethnic, we, at Jos Alukkas will be able to help you create something unique and never seen before.

And what does that do for you? When you step out with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, you will become the talk of town. You will be able to set a trend within your friends and family circles on exclusive jewellery and how wonderful it looks. Your creations will be remembered and you will turn heads each time you step into the room.


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