Cocktail jewellery – Be bold with the sparkles


Be bold with the sparkles!

For ages now women have adorned cocktail jewellery to enhance their outfits, to get that unique look, and to express their individual style statement. That swish of a hand embellished with a cocktail ring, that shimmer around the neck have all caught an eye or two, if not more, and made it linger there. Designers and manufacturers gave customers unrestrained imaginative jewellery as well as fun pieces and the customer grabbed it wholeheartedly. And what can be more proof of the fact than that the style has stayed with us over centuries and generations?

So what exactly is cocktail jewellery? Cocktail jewellery first made its appearance in the 1930s and 1940s. They were bold in nature. They were chunky, and shiny, and embellished with synthetic and semi-precious gemstones and fabulously fake. These artificial ornaments were made with a base metal, often coated or rolled in gold, silver, nickel, brass, etc. But when use of base metal was banned during the World War II, sterling silver began to be used. Vintage sterling silver pieces of this period are in demand even today.

Cocktail jewellery is often distinguished by the period in which it was made. Like the Art Deco or Art Nouveau period of the 1920s-30s where long pendants, geometric designs, serpents, butterflies, cocktail rings, and accessories made their appearance. Enamel jewellery too found favourites during this period. The Retro Period from 1935-1950 is characterized by the American look. The jewellery was glamorous, there were flowers and bows and ballerinas, as well as brooches and gemstones. Pink gold came into fashion and there was an overall sophistication and elegance to jewellery during this period. Then came the Art Modern Period from 1945-1960.This period saw poodle pins and Christmas tree pins making a fashion statement along with chunky bracelets and charm bracelets and stones like opal, jade, topaz and so on. The Mod period also introduced body jewellery.

The trend continues… only that modern cocktail jewellery uses a variety of materials like high quality crystals, cubic zirconia, semi-precious stones etc. Also, of late the trend has been to go back to actual gold and platinum as the base rather than the rolled-gold finish. So we still have those chunky statement pieces, and nowadays they are studded with diamonds or kundans, rubies, emeralds, sapphire, natural pearls and the like. The grand just got gander! The idea is to retain the bold styles of cocktail jewellery, make statement pieces, but simultaneously up the value of the product by using precious stones and diamonds and other valuable gemstones.

Be bold, flaunt it, allow your style to sparkle!


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