Choosing Weather-Friendly Jewellery

Choosing Weather-Friendly Jewellery

Accessorising our clothes is half the fun of dressing up. While we all have great jewellery collections to fall back on, one aspect that we do not take into consideration is the weather outside. How many times have you worn a chunky necklace on a humid day, only to end up with annoying rashes from all the sweating; or stepped out on a windy day with heavy jhumkas only to have them sway violently and sometimes painfully?

While it is important to match your jewellery to your outfits and the occasion, it is also important that you take a peek into the kind of environment you are stepping into. Let’s break it down a bit. Heavy bangles can be annoying in hot weather and can even increase sweating. The same goes for intricate neckpieces.

In summers, you will want to go with light jewellery. Single strand necklaces with statement pendants is one way to go. If you would rather add in a bit of chic, then you can consider layering your jewellery in summer. A series of thin necklaces at varying lengths can work very well. Single bangles or charm bracelets work best in summers and the same logic applies for anklets as well. These are light to wear and also don’t cause irritation on the skin, especially if you have to spend time out in the sun.

The rainy season is not a good time to bring out the heavy jewellery. For one, moisture can get into the intricate patterns of your jewellery. This can erode the sheen of your jewellery and can cause itchiness on your skin. The same applies for humid weather as well.

If you happen to step out in windy weather, make sure that you are not wearing things that dangle. Long earrings can be blown into your hair causing painful tangles. Thin pieces of jewellery have a tendency to blow around and get tangled in your clothes. This can cause rips in your clothes, or unsightly threads being pulled out or even end up with your pieces of jewellery being spoilt.

The key to getting your choice right is to always factor in the kind of weather you are heading into. This should be an additional consideration along with the occasion and the kind of outfit you have. Making a choice then becomes simple and you add on an important element to the choice of your jewellery—thatof comfort.


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